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24 Minute Park Bench Workout

September 20, 2016

No gym?! NO PROBLEM!

Constraints such as not being able to find a gym close to you or not being able to afford a gym membership, should not be things that hold you back from living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Also… I’ll soon enough show you our treasured at-home workout DVD collection as Ash and I both love a good workout that we can do for free right in the comforts of our living room!

You can truly take a workout anywhere. You can get your heart rate up and get in a good, healthy sweat in just about any place you can think of — especially at parks which are most often free for public use (woot woot!).

This 24 minute workout that simply requires a park bench contains cardio moves + static moves that will get your heart rate up and will tone your whole body from head to toe (trust me, those box jumps will give you a sore booty tomorrow!).

You will do each move for 1 minute — I just use the timer on my iPhone and set the alarm ringer to its highest volume so I can hear it outside! Once you complete the oblique crunches, repeat the circuit. Do this for a total of 3 times. (And don’t forget to stretch after!)

So ladies, rub in some sunscreen, grab your phone/iPod that has a groovy, upbeat playlist, and head to your nearest park or community center and get your body moving! Let us know how you like working out outside!

24 Minute Park Bench Workout // Abbey Kitchen

24 Minute Park Bench Workout // Abbey Kitchenlovelallison


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