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What if I have a Road Trip?

June 21, 2015

4 Tips to Packing Healthy Road Trip Snacks

This weekend we are escaping the AZ heat and our AZ exhaustion. With about 6 hours behind the dashboard, we’ll be in San Diego once again. This is a little vacation that the two of us need quite badly. We can see it in our apartment cleanliness and in our work motivation.

I am on summer break, but my days are spent at work or at the hospital I volunteer at. Hours of my summer break are spent blending and topping acai bowls for the many customers who want a sweet, cold treat on these sunny days. Or my hours are spent at the hospital completing tasks the Med Surg floor needs me to do to assist the staff with their responsibilities. Thus, majority of my summer activities aren’t cliff jumping, pool swimming, friend hanging, or road tripping.

Ash has been crawling towards the finish line of my AmeriCorps VISTA service, and is working full-time to teach health literacy classes to the community and more specifically, the adult probation population. The job is rewarding as it is challenging, and she says it never feels as though there is enough hours in the day to complete her class reports and her cubicle duties.

But you know what? All of that is just fine.

I’m constantly enthusiastic about packing our bags and waving goodbye to this little apartment of ours for any sort of trip. I’d like to say I’m he go-getter when it comes to our travels. I’ll be the first person to book the hotel, and even if we’re not 100% certain we can make the trip work, I usual am. So, the worries dwindle and everything falls into place.

So thanks to my impulse AirBnb buy, we’ll have four days in California this weekend. Four days to kick-back on the beach, to browse the farmers markets for all the local goodies, and we’ll get to lace-up our hiking boots and explore new territory.

Now, we know that a 6-hour drive after breakfast is going to require snacks and a lunch for us. So, as we stuff our swimsuits and cut-off jeans into our backpacks, we’re loading up our Tupperware with snacks and a grab-n-go meal. Preparing our own snacks and meals helps us to save money and helps us to stay healthy while we’re out on the road as cheaper foods and gas station selections are often times filled with more preservatives and artificial flavors that won’t make us feel energized.

We wanted to share with you our tips for packing healthy snacks for a weekend trip to eat while on the road, while out on daily explorations, and even for the drive back home.

4 Tips to Packing Healthy Road Trip Snacks:

  1.  Choose veggies and fruits that are easy to grab and have a thicker skin: It’s easy to pop in cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, or blueberries in your mouth while keeping your eyes on the road. They are also easy to clean up in case there are any spills. When choosing larger fruit we reach for apples, as they have a thicker skin and we don’t have to worry about them getting squished in our bag unlike a peach or a nectarine. They also are a lot less juicer which eliminates sticky messes.
  2.  Select a trail mix with seeds, nuts, and candies that don’t easily melt: This tip is especially crucial for our hot summers. Trail mixes are wonderful snacks, and we most certainly enjoy the mixes that include a little chocolate, but chocolate has an easier time melting in our cars and will make it messier to eat. So for road trips, we select our other favorite mixes that contain no chocolate and more nut varieties so we have zero messes, and they also help us fell fuller longer which helps us to not snack mindlessly during our long drive.
  3. Pack your favorite fruit & nut bar for your daily explorations: We love packing fruit/nut bars as they are prepackaged and can be great for placing in our purses and our hiking bags for our daytime explorations. We know that if we find ourselves exploring father than we expected, meaning farther away from reaching our next meal location, we have these bars handy to hold us over. This is great for those times when our tummies may be a little hungry, but we really want to reach a lookout that’s about 1/2-1 mile out of our way. We love Lärabars as they are minimally processed and have many flavors, but pick your favorite brands and use them as your emergency snack.
  4. Portion control your snacks with baggies: We love our snack-sized baggies, and for this trip we used them to portion out our snacks so we don’t consume them mindlessly and interrupt our appetites for our meals.


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