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A Bold Bandana

August 19, 2016

The bandana:

It can be worn around the neck, knotted, then pulled to the side like a neckerchief. It can be draped bandit-style so it lies just above the chest at a point. It can be tied tight and strong to resemble an on-trend choker, or it can be worn like a bolo tie with the two ends pulled through a detailed ring or a pin. Truly, it can be worn anyway you’d like that best suites your outfit and the neckline of your shirt!

For me, a bandana is a western standby. Worn as useful and functional pieces in the past (first-aid assistance, sun and dust protection, head barrier), they then became quite fashionable as western movies showcased handsome cowboys in bandanas (John Wayne, ladies?). It would be hard to separate spurs and Stetsons, horse riding and cattle ranching, rugged lands and vast plains, and orange and pink desert sunsets from a bandana. These western motifs live in it.

Today, it’s easy to make a fashion statement with a bandana as they come in intricate paisley prints and can be found in just about every color. American reds, bold blues, powerful yellows, and deep blacks are a few of my favorites.

To play up some pattern mixing and to add a bit of a western-edge to one of Allison’s go-to looks (a femme tunic with boyfriend jeans), we popped on a yellow bandana with a black and white paisley print to juxtapose her floral tunic. I love the way a long tunic flows on her; it moves so sweetly and effortlessly as she walks and the oversized silhouette adds an elevated boho vibe. The yellow bandana worn like neckerchief brings out the warm tones in her printed top, as well as in her skin tone and hair. These tones are our treasured AZ sunshine palette. And for realz. Allison kills this look.

Feel adventurous while you rock a bandana, and try tossing it on with some of your go-to outfits to mix things up a bit. Confidently create a strong color story with your bandana by choosing a color you don’t rock too often like pink or yellow. Then get a little craaazy and pick out your favorite patterned top to contrast an intricately decorated bandana.  Be bold, my ladies!

Style Cues by Ash: A Bold BandanaStyle Cues by Ash: A Bold BandanaStyle Cues by Ash: A Bold BandanaStyle Cues by Ash: A Bold BandanaStyle Cues by Ash: A Bold Bandanabandana

Style Cues by Ash: A Bold Bandana

Style Cues by Ash: A Bold Bandana

Style Cues by Ash: A Bold Bandanaloveash

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