Meet Allison

Hi! Allison or Al (please no Allie) here. I am the nutrition and fitness specialist for Abbey Kitchen.

I found my love for fitness and nutrition over the past few years and I’m currently getting my bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition. It’s important to me to keep the body moving and to nourish it with foods that help it grow and function properly, and my goal is to not make eating healthy and staying fit boring!

I love mixing up my workouts as to not keep things stagnant: hiking, park workouts, bootcamps, random community workout classes like barre or kickboxing, HIIT, and more. Hiking is by far one of my favorite ways to stay fit. Growing up in a small town near Sedona is what started my hiking passion as Ash and I explored a lot of those red rock trails growing up. My goal is to start exploring more places to hike in AZ and throughout the United States and to share them with all of you!

I’ll also be sharing recipes that are easy and nourishing, and also show you some of my occasional indulgences like my fav desserts and pizza. Healthy food shouldn’t be boring and eating “healthy” food 100% of the time is not that realistic, so let’s cut the crap. Let’s be real. Let’s enjoy food! I grew up in a household where my mom loved to cook and she has mastered some of my most favorite “comfort foods” like banana bread, her famous chicken and rice casserole, spaghetti and meatballs with her own special sauce, and a tasty chili casserole. She’s the one that inspired me to start learning how to cook and I will admit, I still call her occasionally asking what temperature something should be cooked at, for how long, etc. — so we’re all in this together!

I hope to inspire you to try some new recipes and/or a new food that you’ve never heard of before, to get active and to try new workouts, and to love the way your body feels after you fuel it with something nutritious or after you kicked its ass with a tough workout.