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Abbey Kitchen is a lifestyle blog run by sisters Ash and Allison Abbey. It’s a healthy serving of fashion, food, culture, and wellness.

We launched Abbey Kitchen in the summer of 2015 as a nutrition and wellness focused food blog. Our recipes highlighted the positive importance of eating whole foods. Throughout the year, we were gifted with some rad opportunities as we collaborated with a local farm’s CSA program, and even popped up behind the morning bistro counter on Fox 10 Phoenix News (where our nerves mostly got the best of us) to share healthy tips and holiday recipes with the local community.

After a year of spilling and burning many recipes in our small apartment kitchen, we rediscovered what our kitchen space truly means to us.

Our kitchen is undeniably the heart of our home. It’s become much more than a place to host our cooking creations. It’s the place where we daily connect to each other; having intimate sister time on our terribly battered, wooden bar chairs. It’s the place where we daydream about future adventures and road trips — our fridge is covered in old photos and souvenir magnets, daily reminding us of our sister trips. Our kitchen is also the place where Ash can sprawl out her fashion magazines, circling her favorite quotes, designers, and editorials in pen. It’s the place where Allison spills her post-workout fruit smoothies over her nutrition homework, muddling up her glycolosis notes. It’s also our beauty chem lab, where we grime up our dishware as we blend and mash-up pantry staples to create some funky smelling (but hella effective) face masks.

Really… our kitchen is simply us. It holds every piece of who we are. And so, we wanted to expand our passion for living a wholesome, educated, adventurous and confident life. So, as we continue to share our healthy kitchen recipes with you, we’ll be serving up our other passions which is only gonna make you one smart, badass, stylish, healthy chick — so please, grab one of our crappy, wooden chairs and make yourself at home in our kitchen.


What you will find on Abbey Kitchen

Beauty Bits by Ash: 

She’ll showcase her treasured beauty products, easy makeup looks, hair tips and tricks (particularly for textured and curly hair looks) and more!

Nutrition Notes by Allison

She’ll share her nutrition knowledge, healthy recipes, and wellness tips to make you feel wonderful inside and out!

Style Cues by Ash:

She’ll highlight her favorite closet pieces, treat you to some southwestern fashion inspiration, help you to confidently dress for you, and more!

Fruits of Fitness by Allison

She’ll share various workouts, her most-loved fitness looks and equipment, her favorite hiking spots, and more!

Taste of Travels by The Abbey Sisters: 

Travel along with us, near and far, to trips around the desert, to music festivals, to passport stamps, and even to our favorite lunch spots.

Want to get to know each of the sisters a little bit more? Meet Ash here and Allison here

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