Meet Ash

Hi there! Ash Abbey here, Abbey Kitchen’s style and beauty guru.

I’ve never felt more in tuned with my passion for fashion, beauty, and wellness until now. It’s taken me a few years to develop a strong sense of style and a proud outward-expression. Now, I feel my most confident and womanly self dressed in pieces that channel my personality, my upbringing, and my surroundings. It’s undeniable that this AZ desert landscape influences much of my wardrobe, and with a retired biker-babe mom (still a babe obvi) who passed down her rock n’ roll vibes, an obsession with all things high-rise and all things denim, a soft spot for bohemian vintage pieces, and an obsession with western inspired accessories, my style has developed.

My skincare fascination started quite young, and through years and years of trial and error in the chase for glowing and clear skin I’ve discovered the importance of a dedicated skincare routine with products that work perfectly for your unique skincare needs. Waking up to beautiful and healthy skin makes me feel like a real rockstar in my day-to-day — and really, isnt’ that the goal in life? To feel each and every day like you’re something special and something amazing, because really you are.

I hope to inspire you to curate a closet that represents you in every facet, and to love and care for your skin with all its beautiful faults and perfections.