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Austin City Limits Highlights // Austin, TX

October 20, 2016

Tacos, festival dresses, sunburns, sore throats, dancey crowds, and hydration stations. All of these summarize our time at Austin City Limits 2016.

To start off our music filled weekend, Ash and I filled our 15 hour drive searching Spotify for all the bands that were making an appearance at the festival. We underlined the ones we wanted to see and circled, starred, and highlighted the ones that were a MUST see like Flume and Mumford & Sons. The festival began on Friday, and unfortunately I woke up that morning with a sore throat. We realized later after eavesdropping on some locals that we were in Austin right as it was having its allergy season, and my body was really not loving what was in the air. So when we first grooved into the festival, I noticed a few festival goers with popsicles and my throat was like YES! That stand was my first stop at ACL! Soothe the throat! I rushed right over and snagged the strawberry lemonade one and numbed my throat. Luckily, the vibes of the festival were too great to let my allergies ruin the experience.

My highlights from ACL:

  • THE FOOD: This festival was filled with various food trucks and I had fish tacos with a chipotle dipping sauce that were so bomb. I grubbed hard on those all weekend along with those popsicles I mentioned, and even tried (and loved!) a BLT sandwich with fries, and a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. I sipped on a Red Ale and a grapefruit cocktail, as well!
  • THE DANCEY SHOWS: Watching Flume perform in person was so awesome. It was so fun to see how artistic Harley Stenton really is. We danced so hard to his performance. Two other dancey shows were Major Lazer and Kygo. Ash and I scooted to the back of the crowd during both shows and just let loose. Just danced our hearts out. That was by far the BEST part. THE best. Chillin’ in the back of the huge crowds and getting excited with the music and performance, and dancing without caring what anyone else was doing around us.

Asked Ash what her highlights were from ACL:

  • THE MUSIC. ALL THE MUSIC: I think I’ll believe this and hold this in my heart for the rest of my life, but I really don’t think there is anything cooler than music. Nothing. The way it makes you dance and feel. How it brings so many people together. Can bring tears and happiness, can even bring back a flood of memories. IT’S SO GOOD. So for me, ACL had such a great lineup. My specific music highlights were:
    • Cage the Elephant — the energy on stage was unreal. Unreal.
    • Flume — magical. Harley was smiling through the whole set and it was just captivating with all the lights, images, and sounds.
    • Mumford & Sons — From my early college years, this band has been with me and has bonded so many of my friend groups. Seeing them play, seeing Marcus’ energy and light, I was almost in tears twice. That band f’ing rules.
  • THE STYLE: So many cool outfits! Ahh!! People watching was strong at ACL, you just couldn’t help it! There were girls rockin’ their chokers, their lace-up boots, their high-rise skirts and shorts. There were tattoos to swoon over, hats to admire, and body-suits that were just too cute. It was awesome.

Also, we can’t forget to the mention all the great photo opportunities. Ash had a cool Polaroid camera that was gifted to her on her birthday and it was our first go at taking it around. We wanted to snag photos of the cool flags in the middle of the festival and try our best to have someone get our picture with the ACL FEST sign on the rocks.

Overall, we loved getting to dress up for ACL, to be at a huge festival surrounded by others, to be in a crowd where everyone around you are singing along to the lyrics of whoever is performing. Loved maneuvering through the festival festivities, planning out when we could eat  tacos and when we would think we would need to pee as the bathroom line was MILES long, and of course, planning out the best spot in the crowds to have enough dancing space for the two of us to get crazy. We think we totally killed it. ACL was a blast!

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