Beet + Chickpea Tacos

February 24, 2016

Allison and I have a big question…

Who comes up with the National holidays?? Like National Pancake Day (which of course we approve), National Puppy Day (give us puppy hugs all day), or National Organize Your Home Day (for realz is a thing, so for all you who didn’t organize your home on Jan 14th, ya’ll missed your opportunity…guess we’ll just have to wait till next year… Darn.).

Truly though, an entertaining time killer is googling the strangest National Days. Give it a whirl when you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, need a break from your homework or simply can’t fall asleep at night.

We did however, celebrate in National Margarita day that fell on Monday, Feb 22nd. We headed to a Miami-beachy-bright-palm treey restaurant in Downtown Scottsdale and what we didn’t realize before parking was they were also having Taco Monday which meant delicious tacos for just 2 BUCKS! Woooot Woot. Best surprise for us when we scanned our menus.

Through our sister chats, our tortilla chip and salsa dipping and margarita sipping, we had some fine tacos. Allison ordered a grilled shrimp taco and a roasted plantain taco. I ordered a crispy cod taco and a green chili chicken taco. Each were quite exceptional and as we swapped to taste each others we eyeballed each other and asked, “Dude, why don’t we make more tacos?!”

And so we did.

Vegetarian tacos! We think you’ll love their fresh taste!  

Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey Kitchen
Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey Kitchen
Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey KitchenThe Spring/Summer Season harvest started at Steadfast Farm and our first CSA box for this season had some brightly colored beets that made us so giddy. Beets have a tender spot in our hearts as we love their nutritional benefits that we talked about here, their soft texture, their versatility, and of course, their various colors.

For these tacos, we sprinkled fresh spring onions from Steadfast Farm on top which added a fresh crunch to the soft beets and seasoned chickpeas. And goat cheese pairs with beets like peanut butter pairs with jelly, aka PERFECTLY. A few crumbles topped here and there pull the tacos together.

This recipe makes enough to serve 4-6 people and would make the perfect family/friend dinner on days you want to celebrate, regardless of what the National Day is (as National Taco Day is extremely far away… Oct 4th…) but thank goodness there are Taco Mondays and Taco Tuesdays (Tacos Everyday!) that you can host in your own kitchen! <3
Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey KitchenEasy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey KitchenEasy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey KitchenEasy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey Kitchen

Serves 4-6
3 beets
1 tbsp olive oil
sea salt
1 can chickpeas, no salt added
1/4 chopped white onion
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
4 yellow corn tortillas
1/4 chopped spring onions
2 tbsp goat cheese
1 lime

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Cut off the greens of the beets and wash them under cold water. Grab three pieces of foil and wrap each beet individually, drizzling olive oil and sprinkling sea salt and pepper on each. Place on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Beets are done when they are fork tender.
3. In the meantime, rinse and drain the chickpeas and pat dry.
4. Heat a pan to low-medium heat, drizzle olive oil to coat the bottom and place in onions. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally.
5. Pour in the chickpeas and add the seasonings including sea salt and pepper. If you would like it to be a bit more spicy, add in more chili powder to your liking. Cook for about 8-10 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
6. Check on the beets and when they are finished cooking remove from oven and foil and cut into bite size pieces. Pop into pan with chickpeas and turn down the heat just a smidge. Stir and cook all together for about 3 minutes.
7. Pop the tortillas in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds and remove. Place two on a plate and spoon in the chickpea mixture. Top with spring onions, goat cheese, and fresh lime juice.
8. Enjoy!! This recipe makes more than enough filling to have a share for 4-6 people, but the leftovers also taste just as good the next day!
9. Store remaining in an airtight container in the fridge for about 1 week.
Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Tacos // Abbey Kitchen

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