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Valentine’s Day Threads and Snacks

February 13, 2017

With some job changes and a little break from blogging to settle into our new lives, we’re back and ready to show ya’ll some love. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you gals may be asking yourselves some questions: what outfit should I pull together from my closet and/or what desserts or drinks should I be enjoying? We kept it extra simple this year and I put together two outfits that make me feel comfortable and gorgeous, and treats that honestly make me feel the same.  Continue Reading

Style Cues

Thrifted Treasures // Wrangler Jacket

October 16, 2016

There’s a lot of energy and patience that goes into thrift shopping. Often times, thrfiting comes with a lot of hanger pushing, a lot of trunk digging, a lot of dust, a lot of cowboy boots, and a lot of tiny angel trinkets. And, at times you’re successful and at times you conclude your shopping venture empty handed.  However, there is something spectacular and magical in the moment when you find something truly special. It’s just like when Harry Potter finds his wand at Ollivanders — there’s sparks, there’s flashes of light, there’s a rush of joy. Continue Reading

Style Cues

A Bold Bandana

August 19, 2016

The bandana:

It can be worn around the neck, knotted, then pulled to the side like a neckerchief. It can be draped bandit-style so it lies just above the chest at a point. It can be tied tight and strong to resemble an on-trend choker, or it can be worn like a bolo tie with the two ends pulled through a detailed ring or a pin. Truly, it can be worn anyway you’d like that best suites your outfit and the neckline of your shirt! Continue Reading