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2 Fab Saviors for Sensitive Skin

September 25, 2016

I was first introduced to the First Aid Beauty (FAB) products by a skincare expert/friend of mine from work. She has magical skin and a breadth of skincare knowledge — a buddy who I can nerd out with for HOURS on pores, dry skin, blackheads, scars, and more. (Which we did and it was an awesome and totally normal conversation to have as we smashed bruschetta in our mouths at Olive & Ivy.)  This gem of a pal then went home and took photos of the products she uses and sent them over to me (love her forever). The FAB facial cleanser and moisturizer were two that she adores (!) and I thought, “Well sh*t. I’m gonna have to try those bad boys out!”

Now here I am with these FAB friends securing their daily use in my skincare routines (morning and night!). To give you gals some insight on my skin I have combination, acne-prone skin, and for you ladies that can relate: it’s a struggle on the reg and can be quite sensitive whenever it pleases. My current concerns as of late (as I feel like I have conquered a bit of my hormonal-flare ups and my T-zone oiliness) have been blackheads, dryness around my chin and mouth, and hyper-pigmentation from some old pimple pals. So for me, my skincare products have to be oil-free, must combat future breakouts and help to repair my skin from previous breakouts, regretful picking, and new pimples coming their way.  These FAB products fit my particular criteria!

The Pure Skin Face Cleanser always starts off my AM + PM skincare routines. The Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer is my last step in my AM + PM routines, and I love the way it wears under my tinted CC cream. Truly, they have been saviors to my sensitive acne-prone skin. I have seen a decrease in my blackheads around my chin, and I’ve noticed that my pimples heal a bit quicker and are consistently less red.

I will forever be grateful to my girlfriend who suggested these! Shout-out to all the ladies helping each other out, sharing their beauty secrets and their tried and true products; I can’t wait to pass along more of mine to you! XO



*post is not sponsored — I just fell in love with these products! 

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