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Luci’s Healthy Marketplace // Tempe, AZ

May 22, 2015

One of the things we’re very excited to share with you are the places that we love. We try our best to take trips, some are just down the street, while others take us to different cities and countrysides, but you can bet that wherever we go, we’re gonna eat, and we’re excite to not only share the food with you, but also the journey. And, as much as we love to cook our own meals, we love to have meals cooked for us (who doesn’t, amiright?). We also love that it gives us the opportunity to discover new, healthy dishes and to connect with our local food community and culture.

This afternoon we decided to head to Luci’s Healthy Marketplace for lunch. Allison has been before and ate their acai bowl after a hike with a friend, but this was Ashley’s first time scoping out Luci’s menu and atmosphere.

Luci’s is peppered with modern retro decor with humor sprinkled about in all corners of their space: their trinkets, their menu items, their staff, etc. With a down-to-earth vibe and the large open windows, Luci’s is friendly. They also offering dining space that allows you to chat with the chefs while they prepare your food which we thought was a really awesome opportunity to provide to their customers.

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