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Our Favorite San Diego Stops // San Diego, CA

June 22, 2015

balboa park




Our Sunday afternoon was spent at Balboa Park, claimed to be the “nation’s largest urban cultural park.” It’s a space loaded with museums, music/performing arts venues, various gardens, and the San Diego Zoo is also located within the park.

What we liked best:
Allison: Balboa Park was very cool as there was so much that you could do! You can chill and just hangout; you can have a picnic or spend time in tons of museums; you can walk your dog or workout; or you can listen to live music — all in one place! Best part: falling asleep in the Rose Garden with no one bothering us.

Ashley: The gardens were stunning, and were also one of the free attractions as for some reason, we totally assumed that the museums would be free? But, we’ll have to plan for that next time and splurge on one of the art museums that I was dying to check out. It was so great to see the walking paths packed with families and couples, and to see musicians playing and entertaining the Balboa guests. It was such a beautiful space and was honestly just a wonderful place to take a stroll. Like Allison said, that nap in the rose garden. Bliss. Thank you everyone for not stepping on us and for not stealing our shoes/bags.

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