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Beet + Kale Quinoa Bowl

April 16, 2016

In our last post, which you can read here, we introduced two concerns we’ve heard from many friends, acquaintances, and coworkers that ultimately keep them from enjoying a healthy-eating, home-cooking lifestyle:

1. “It just takes too long to cook at home…” or “I simply don’t have the time to cook…”
2. “It just costs way too much to eat healthy and cook healthy…”

We gave it our best to debunk the first point in our last post, and want to share with you today how eating healthy and cooking healthy doesn’t really have to break your bank or steal all those fresh and crisp dollar bills from your wallet.
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Mandarin Glazed Carrots

December 8, 2015

Productivity. This has been the word of the week. Allison has wrapped up her finals FOR GOOD. That means she is officially on Winter-Break-Mode. Woooooooooooo! Her productive late nights studying by the light of our Christmas tree have paid off, or so we’re both hoping as we await for her final grades to be posted…*cue scary-uncertain-piano music* (but she’s a smart cookie, her grades are gonna be stellar).

We’ve also been productively maintaining the cleanliness of our little apartment. It’s amazing what two busy girls can do to this place, and mainly what two busy-hungry-always-cooking girls can do to this kitchen (seriously could use two sinks in this place — maybe we drop that in the suggestion box in the apartment office).

And as school is wrapped up and as the apartment is scrubbed and pampered, there’s now another area of our lives where some productivity could be used… Christmas shopping. Continue Reading