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Gemstone Potatoes + Garlic + Dill

December 11, 2015

The house is still divided, folks. I don’t know if you recall the time we talked about how Allison is not a huge fan of potatoes (but, like…how…? amiright?) and in a specific sweet potato french fry post, I shared that I’m doing my best to change her ways and turn her into a potato fan.  “How’s that going,” you may ask?

I did an attempt #2, and not with more of those colorful and vitamin packed sweet potatoes, but with some beautiful gemstone potatoes. The results: INCREDIBLY TASTY and…

I, Ash Abbey, the potato-loving-Abbey-sister-for-forever, will be eating them all…just me…for the week. I had to comfort the gemstone potatoes and let them know that it’s certainly not their fault that Allison didn’t enjoy them, I don’t think she’ll get past the starchy-potato texture that seems to throw her off the most. But, their stunning looks and their taste, so warm, garlic-y and with a tang from the dill we received in our Steadfast Farm CSA box, made them so delightful. They make for a delicious buddy to my morning eggs, are a new topping in my lunch salads, and are a hearty side dish to my dinners. Here’s to hoping that the lil’ one will love on potatoes one day, and I simply cannot wait to make this recipe again for the holidays!
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