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Valentine’s Day Threads and Snacks

February 13, 2017

With some job changes and a little break from blogging to settle into our new lives, we’re back and ready to show ya’ll some love. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you gals may be asking yourselves some questions: what outfit should I pull together from my closet and/or what desserts or drinks should I be enjoying? We kept it extra simple this year and I put together two outfits that make me feel comfortable and gorgeous, and treats that honestly make me feel the same.  Continue Reading


3 Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

November 7, 2015

It was an early morning today as we loaded up our kitchen tote bags (that one we snagged from a food festival covered in orange and luminous carrots is just about ready to rip apart, so thank goodness it held together today) with all the cooking gadgets, ingredients, and final recipe products needed for our second news segment on Fox 10 Phoenix News. We were invited to share some healthy Thanksgiving dishes that could serve as alternatives to some of the usual decadent, buttery, and sugary holiday recipes. Thus, we created a three recipes that are packed with color which will just pop on your holiday table spread: honey roasted vegetables, stuffed spaghetti squash, and a healthy pumpkin pie recipe. We were thrilled to showcase these three recipes, and we honestly cannot wait to make these for our family this Thanksgiving (the pumpkin pie! Oh man. We cannot wait to have our momma try this, we think she’s gonna love it!). Continue Reading


Picnic Delights for Your 4th of July

July 2, 2015

As kiddos, our 4th of July celebrations were always pleasantly the same. During the afternoon, we’d walk or ride our bikes down to the river near our house and splash around, jump off the rope swing, and make up leap-frog games in the water (which as you can imagine, totally didn’t work). In the murky water, our feet would sink easy into the mud, squishing it’s way between our toes, and we’d always scream if a twig would brush our legs, believing for that nightmarish second that it was a snake. And because July 4th falls within our Arizona monsoon season, our river games would come to a stop when the dark clouds rolled in and the winds picked up. Sloshing out of the water and wrapping our bodies in our ragged, color-stripped Little Mermaid towels, we’d head home to see if mom was starting the grill.

Our grill sits in the corner of our deck in the back of our house and faces the back door that mom always left open. She’d be manning the grill whenever we’d come through the front door, which has a straight, clear view of mom on the deck.  Without even turning her head to see how much dirt was on us she’d say, “I hope you remembered to hose off before you came in!” Oops…

Continue Reading