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Beet + Kale Quinoa Bowl

April 16, 2016

In our last post, which you can read here, we introduced two concerns we’ve heard from many friends, acquaintances, and coworkers that ultimately keep them from enjoying a healthy-eating, home-cooking lifestyle:

1. “It just takes too long to cook at home…” or “I simply don’t have the time to cook…”
2. “It just costs way too much to eat healthy and cook healthy…”

We gave it our best to debunk the first point in our last post, and want to share with you today how eating healthy and cooking healthy doesn’t really have to break your bank or steal all those fresh and crisp dollar bills from your wallet.
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Kale + Blueberry Smoothie

November 11, 2015

Transitioning into the cooler weather generally means it’s time to transition to warmer drinks, those that steam so gracefully inside a cozy mug. But, what about those delicious cool drinks? Do we just table those until the warm rays come out again in Spring? Like..smoothies…we don’t just forget about those, right?!

Us Abbey girls, may be incapable of transitioning out of smoothies during this cooler season (even if we’re still waiting for our dang apartment complex to switch over to the heaters, but we suppose that our snuggly snowflake socks will keep us warm until then). And if we rid ourselves of smoothies, how else would we consume our hefty greens and blend their flavors with the sweet and tangy frozen fruits shoved deep into our freezer? We simply can’t and we simply can’t enjoy these bad boys warm (ew…could you imagine?). Continue Reading