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Green Orange Smoothie

January 13, 2016

Smoothies. <3

Smoothies are incredibly lovable. Are we all on the smoothie train here? If not, hop on, friends. It’s a delicious and healthy ride.

We’re minutes away from settling into the middle of January as 2016 really hit the ground running. With the hustle and bustle of getting back into our routines and contemplating our New Year, New Me plans, Allison and I have LOVED having the opportunity to quickly toss in fresh fruits and veggies into a blender to refresh ourselves before bouncing off to our next errand or a New Me task.

Our go-to smoothies always have a green (spinach or kale) and a banana. The additional add-ins become the fun part as our pantry/fridge ingredients of the week help us to mix up or smoothie recipes. Continue Reading


Kale + Blueberry Smoothie

November 11, 2015

Transitioning into the cooler weather generally means it’s time to transition to warmer drinks, those that steam so gracefully inside a cozy mug. But, what about those delicious cool drinks? Do we just table those until the warm rays come out again in Spring? Like..smoothies…we don’t just forget about those, right?!

Us Abbey girls, may be incapable of transitioning out of smoothies during this cooler season (even if we’re still waiting for our dang apartment complex to switch over to the heaters, but we suppose that our snuggly snowflake socks will keep us warm until then). And if we rid ourselves of smoothies, how else would we consume our hefty greens and blend their flavors with the sweet and tangy frozen fruits shoved deep into our freezer? We simply can’t and we simply can’t enjoy these bad boys warm (ew…could you imagine?). Continue Reading


Mixed Berry Smoothie

June 24, 2015

Friends. The high today in Tempe is gonna be 111 degrees. Uhm. What?

Living in the dessert is a very crazy thing. The sun is always high and in this city, the concrete and the asphalt contain the heat it provides, even when the sun drops behind the mountains. During the day, the breeze feels like a blow dryer that’s directed right at your face and the upper lip sweat is constant. The steering wheel in our cars are always hot to the touch, feels like we’re driving and playing hot-potato at the same time (is that safe?).

Now, we didn’t really realize the beauty of the heat-haven that is our apartment until a couple weeks ago when our air conditioning was out. HA. Yikes. AND! Our apartment complex decided that from June-July they would be doing pool reconstruction…

Continue Reading