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Thrifted Treasures // Wrangler Jacket

October 16, 2016

There’s a lot of energy and patience that goes into thrift shopping. Often times, thrfiting comes with a lot of hanger pushing, a lot of trunk digging, a lot of dust, a lot of cowboy boots, and a lot of tiny angel trinkets. And, at times you’re successful and at times you conclude your shopping venture empty handed.  However, there is something spectacular and magical in the moment when you find something truly special. It’s just like when Harry Potter finds his wand at Ollivanders — there’s sparks, there’s flashes of light, there’s a rush of joy.

I had been on the search the past few months to find a denim jacket that looks slightly worn, is a lighter denim wash, and would make for a perfect canvas to add some patches on I have saved up in my room. One day, I was originally on the hunt for some cut-off shorts (can’t have enough of those for this AZ life) and a few blouses for Austin City Limits. I cruised over to a few places, and my last stop was at Buffalo Exchange which has a great turn-over of styles and pieces here in Tempe. I scanned through their numerous circular racks, was feeling a little pooped and even skipped past the jeans and skirts to try on some of their booties. I decided I didn’t LOVE anything and thought, “Maybe I’ll just skim through these jackets and see if there’s anything wonderful and then leave.” I peeked through the size medium assortment first. Eh. Nothin’ juicy. I then peeled through some corduroy blazers in the size small rack. Stumbled upon a maroon bomber that almost had me convinced, then I noticed the wash of a Wrangler jacket’s sleeve and was starting to swoon. I pulled it out of its home on the rack and just DIED. Died. For realz. There was a slight distress on the front, the bottom hem, and the cuffs. Saw the discoloration of where a previous owner put on two patches. Adored the warm yellow stitching on the breast pockets. I threw it on and scooted as quick as I could to the full length mirror as if someone was going to steal it off me, and then died once more. CUZ DAMN. It was truly everything. Everything I was looking for. And even better, it was $30!

I now have a new thrifted treasure, and I can’t wait to bond with it as I decorate it with patches. But to show off its original magic before I adorn it, my boyfriend, Michael, and I took a drive to the Jack Rabbit Trading Post, a Route 66 attraction, and took a few pictures of me in it.

Enjoy your thrifted items, friends. Feel that thrift magic. Get addicted to it. You’ll love your pieces forever.

Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen wrangler3-1-of-1Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen Wrangler Jacket // Abbey Kitchen

Top: Target // Pants: Citzens for Humanity // Bandana: Thrifted // Jacket: Wrangler // Rings: Thrifted

Photography: Michael Carter, Ash’s boyfriend

Location: Jack Rabbit Trading Post in Joseph, AZ


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