Avocado Tomato Pizza

September 28, 2015

There are many afternoons and evenings in which we find our hunger is crunched for time. Sometimes our bellies and our energy levels can’t push us to exert a couple hours in the kitchen to craft a home cooked meal. Sometimes our hands and backs are not willing to work at the sink to wash the many measuring cups and spoons, the mixing bowls and the stirring spoons, and the pots and those scorched pans.

These are kitchen times when we seek to make a meal that’s too easy, yet so good. These are dishes that request only the simplest of ingredients, even those that are pre-made and easily found at the local grocery store. Dishes that draw on staples within the household kitchen, no strange spices or devices that we may need to search for at numerous locations. Dishes that nourish us and we can then quickly sink our weary bodies into our couch, adjusting the tiny throw pillows on our laps as a comfortable location to rest our laptops as ours fingers go to work on assignments, emails, discussion posts, blog readings, etc. And sometimes, these dishes are served for our friends as their minimal labor in the kitchen allows for stress free mingling, drink pouring, and easy laughs. 

These dishes come to us in times of relaxation and in times of small bank accounts. Our Too Easy, So Good dishes we’ll share with you and hope you find them well within your kitchen to allow you to swiftly feel like a home chef, to quickly top a plate with the best edible nourishment, and to readily prepare you for a productive evening of either homework or Netflix catch-up.

Avocado Tomato Pizza: Abbey Kitchen Avocado Tomato Pizza: Abbey KitchenOur first easy recipe to share with you is our Avocado Tomato Pizza. This pizza first popped out of our oven on a night when we were hosting a game night for our pals. This game night was highlighting a very special board game that we have recently added to our collection: Harry Potter Scene It. And honestly… there’s honestly no chance in hell that someone would be able to beat Ms. Allison Abbey in this game of Potter knowledge (for realz, not even exaggerating). It’s impressive. The only shot you have is the luck of your roll. SO! Of course we needed to quickly get a dinner going in the kitchen in order to cram our bodies into our living room to blurt out answers regarding the fantastical world of wizards. This pizza, along with another, and a big bowl of a veggie packed salad was created to fill the bellies of our friends and this easy pizza was a hit!

The no-sauce and the fresh basil and avocado slices make this a refreshing and light pizza. The crust just perfectly browned on the edges gives a perfectly light crunch to the soft tomatoes and melted cheese. Enjoy this pizza with your favorite salad and share with yourself (keep those leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!), your buddies, your spouse, or even your dog.

Avocado Tomato Pizza: Abbey Kitchen

Avocado Tomato Pizza: Abbey KitchenTO MAKE
serves about 3-5
1 pre-made pizza crust whole wheat (we used Boboli’s whole wheat found at our local grocery store)
1 garlic clove or 1 tbsp minced garlic from jar
¾-1 cup shredded 3 cheese blend (parmesan, provolone, mozzarella)
1 large tomato sliced thinly
1 tsp black pepper
bunch of fresh basil
½ ripe avocado sliced

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Remove pizza crust from package and either rub crust with 1 garlic clove or with a spoon, smear 1 tbsp minced garlic on top.
3. Drizzle olive oil on top of pizza crust.
4. Top crust with cheese, add more depending on your favorite level of cheesiness.
5. Top with tomato slices and sprinkle with black pepper.
6. Pop in the oven and cook for about 10 minutes or until edges have browned (your cooking time may vary depending on the crust you are using).
7. Remove pizza from oven and cool for about 3-5 minutes. Top with basil leaves and sliced avocado.
8. Enjoy! Serve with your favorite salad!
NOTE: basil leaves will turn a different shade when placed on a hot food. As you see here, some of our basil leaves turned a darker green as they were touching hot-hot cheese! No fear, still delicious!

This post was not funded by Boboli, we just happened to enjoy that specific brand’s convenience at the store. 

Avocado Tomato Pizza: Abbey Kitchen

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