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Valentine’s Day Threads and Snacks

February 13, 2017

With some job changes and a little break from blogging to settle into our new lives, we’re back and ready to show ya’ll some love. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you gals may be asking yourselves some questions: what outfit should I pull together from my closet and/or what desserts or drinks should I be enjoying? We kept it extra simple this year and I put together two outfits that make me feel comfortable and gorgeous, and treats that honestly make me feel the same. 

Whether you’re going on a date with your significant other or having a Galentine’s Day with your favorite ladies, it’ll be the perfect day to dress up your favorite skinny jeans or slip on a pink/red dresses. I landed first on my favorite pair of jeans, we all have the one, the pair that makes your butt look oh-so-good! Slip on those comfy pants and pair it with one of your favorite black blouses. I dressed up my denim with a black peplum top to help accentuate the waistline and added a pop of color with patent red pumps. But to show off just a wee bit more and feel a little flirty, my pink open back dress has a perfect V-day flare to it. I paired it with my comfy, cork heel and to get an extra layer of coverage, I slipped on a tan duster that floats when I walk. 

For the perfect V-day snack, I had to find a way to incorporate chocolate (of course). Dark chocolate covered pretzels are easy to make and are lower in calories than some other classic V-day desserts. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and with it melted perfectly over the stove or in the microwave you can dip pretzels, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, almonds, etc. (the world is your oyster, really, but pleases don’t dip those in chocolate…). For dark chocolate pretzels, I put dark choc morsels in a microwave safe bowl and melted them in the microwave. Stirring until creamy, I dipped the pretzels into the bowl of chocolate and then placed them on parchment paper. Sprinkle on  a topping if you desire: sprinkles, coconut flakes, etc. and place them in the freezer for at least 1.5 hour before enjoying.

For V-day sips, Sangria was calling my name. This is my favorite drink to have on special occasions. Enjoy this deep red colored drink on Love Day as it’s easy to make in big batches and can be easily shared with others. To make this drink, you will need a dry red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon (the kind I used here!) or Roja, fruit, brandy, and lemon-lime soda. I choose to use oranges, limes, apples, and raspberries and cut them all into small pieces. I then combined the fruit, 1 bottle of red wine, 1/4 cup brandy, and 4 cups of Sprite into a pitcher or large punch bowl. Let the Sangria chill for at least one hour before enjoying. If you are a red wine lover (something I can truly relate to! Where my wine ladies at?!), definitely sip on a little red wine when making the Sangria and nibble on dark choc goodies like I did. Just remember, you are supposed to use the whole bottle of wine to make the Sangria so if you think you may drink a few glasses, feel free to grab two bottles at the store. No shame. Only love here on this V-day.

No matter what you do for Valentine’s Day, we’re sending you all the love. Make it cheery, even cheesy; make it fun and filled with love. Just remember that it is okay to indulge occasionally and this is the perfect day to do that!


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